About the Label - Wake Up! Music Rocks
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About the Label

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Creating a global record label and branching out into the business realm, Waylon Reavis and Julie Reavis are taking the industry by storm with their drive and relentless ambition to take over. WAKE UP! MUSIC GROUP’s new rock division – Pepper Gomez knew that WAKE UP! MUSIC ROCKS would only be fit to be run by Waylon & Julie. We are so excited for all that we have to show you… Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and check back often as we are looking for new talent and our artists are actively creating new content.

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    Founded in



    Our Artists

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    Are you an Artist interested in working with Wake Up! Music Rocks?

    We are currently accepting submissions for new artists. Whether you are taking over the local scene, blowing up on instagram and your socials, or just hitting the jackpot on that awesome new music video you released… Wake Up! Music Rocks asks that all artist submissions be sent directly through our submissions page.

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    We proudly Support

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    Wake Up! Music is a global record label based out of Chicago & Miami. Founded by Pepper Gomez she is all about new and unique music coming out... Wake Up! Music Rocks is a sister and affiliate of Wake Up! Music; founded when Pepper joined forces with Waylon Reavis and Julie Reavis to push the envelope in heavy and aggressive music.