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Step into the Paradigm Ra Album Review

Step into the Paradigm Ra Album Review

This is what they had to say:

Intercorrupted is the latest release by the hard rock band RA and the first since 2013’s Critical Mass. Front man Sahaj continues to show his song writing prowess with this diverse collection of hits consisting of 13 tracks(1 intro). Musically it seems the band has gone back to the nostalgic sound of their first mainstream album “From One”.

I remember several years back the band announced that they weren’t going to be touring and it seemed as though they might call it quits, but to my pleasure they returned after a 7 year hiatus with arguably their best album to date. I love the crisp sound of the instrument meshed together and the aggressive pure guitar tones on the bangers and the clarity of clean tones on tracks like “Let’s Go to Mexico”.

The song “Enough” features Dustin Bates of Starset. When I saw this on the track listing I got giddy as Sahaj and Dustin are two of the most talented vocalists in the music business today. I loved how their voices seemed to compliment each other perfectly. “Enough” was a perfect selection to bring Bates in on because it matched his vocal ability to a “T”

“Nobody Loves You” features a guest vocal from LJ from Sevendust. This track is a hit and a half with it’s brutally honest lyrics that hits you deep in your gut as well as a catchy riff and chorus. LJ killed it on this track and it’s refreshing to see the rock community coming together more often to make guest appearances on albums.
The title track “Intercorrupted” starts off this album like a rocket, the unmistakable tone of Sahaj can be heard from the onset followed by that satisfying crunchy guitar tone and aurally pleasing perfect mix by the producer.

All in all I was extremely satisfied by this album. I gave it a listen through four times before reviewing it. All of the tracks are incredible and it’s a release that I could listen to front to back all day and never skip a track. I’ve come to expect this type of consistency from Sahaj and his band mates. Ra is back and they are here to stay. I give this album an enthusiastic 9.5 out of 10 horns. \m/

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